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April 10, 2024

Democracy sometimes means stratteling fences


It has been said many times that democracy may not be the perfect form of government, but it is better than all the others. And I will add that it is the best form of government for the majority of people. That alone should convince all smart and moral citizens of America...

March 28, 2024

Most TV shows and advertising are digging a deeper, deeper Prejudice against Blacks

 First printed in 2023

Subliminal advertising is targeting the Black population and most TV shows and advertising are digging a deeper, deeper prejudice against Blacks.  As I have previously said, I was an advertising executive in top-ten ad agencies in LA ...

March 19, 2024

I can't see how some people can stand to live with themself

 As I grow older I have been dissecting my life to see if it has been a good life, one worth keeping, one worth being proud of. I have questioned all my decisions, all my reactions, all my goods and bads. 

If you are still young, in your teens, twenties, thirties, and maybe forties...

March 15, 2024

Technology/creativity and Capitalisem don't mix well

   Cars, computers, and cell phones require creativity and technology to be produced... it takes capitalism to diminish and destroy them. 

It took about 100 years to create the most perfect car... the 1997 Volvo 850, and it has taken the Ford Company and now the Chinese to ...

March 14, 2024

His father killed his spirit

   Arrogance and insecurity, are a tragic and volatile combination in a man  

The young man struggled through his school career. It wasn’t

the academics, social life or sports that caused him grief. Good-look

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