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February 22, 2022

Stay away from arrogance

Stay away from arrogance, your own and that of others.

Some people never reach their breaking point, but we are all capable of doing so. Everyone has a breaking point, a point when they are willing to rebel or break the law. A breaking point may be caused by their frustrations or created ...

February 22, 2022

Money for Heaven

Money for Heaven…. The media and internet advertising phenomenon was first created by Christian radio and television evangelists who found that they could get people from far away to send money so they could go to heaven, or get that girl down the street or a new car. Buying Salvation

February 22, 2022

iPhone spam and static ignorance

For a person who wants information to expand their personality, this is the best time to learn the history of humankind, and your own history with DNA and computer calculating and media abilities, but most people are just in a flushing toilet of computer trash, iPhone spam and static ignorance.

February 22, 2022

GOP: The “Party of profit'


GOP: The “Party of the Profit,” not the “Party Of the People.”


February 22, 2022

You anti-maskers, and anti-vaxers are idiots

You anti-maskers, and anti-vaxers are idiots; soon many of you, your friends and family will die by God’s hand.  Wise up; you are acting against your own survival. Hopefully, before then you will realize you are wrong, and without letting your ego get in the way, you will admit you are...

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