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September 27, 2020

Religious People Start Reading

Religious People Start Reading


If you “religious” people started reading the Bible and Koran rather than listening to the preachers and mullahs who interpret it to their own benefit, we might have a spiritual heaven right here on earth.


September 26, 2020

Hopes and Dreams of the Constitution

Hopes and Dreams of the Constitution


September 25, 2020

Our current president, the great corruptor, has given his approval for people to be lawless, disrespectful and ignorant.

He has nursed discontent, promoted bad taste and legitimized a new form of anti-patriotism...

September 24, 2020

Founding Fathers Fairness

Founding Fathers Fairness


Conservatives do not agree with fairness! They don’t want fairness in the courts, Congress or media, three places where our Founding Fathers insisted on fairness.

Life is not fair, and that is why advanced cultures try to create fairness...

September 23, 2020

Sweet American Corruption

Sweet American Corruption

The present administration’s management style is to deceive and confuse the public. The president is also amassing a large list of government functionaries and lawyers whom he has deceived and confused as well. How did our sweet American ever deserve this corruption...

September 19, 2020

The Loud, Ignorant Minority

(The Loud, Ignorant Minority)

Edited by John Bassett McCleary, author of Common Sense and Reason Again

(Bev wrote most of this. My comments are in parenthesis and in italics.)

The question was posed, ‘Why do people continue supporting Trump...

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