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January 01, 2021

Trump has risen so high

Trump has risen so high in the annals of human infamy; his fall is going to be so painful for him and joyous for the rest of mankind. Suicide is his only answer, just like Hitler. We hope that Trump does not try to take down the world around him as Hitler did. Have you questioned Hitler’s silly...

January 01, 2021

“giving person” or the “taking person”

I think I know how people become the “giving person” or the “taking person”. It is in their youth and family life. I want to know how to change taking people into giving people. We are now at a time when we have seen the damage that taking people can do. Now, we need to nurture...

January 01, 2021

“Adolf Trump”

Republicans, save your ass, guys. Dump him and his selfish philosophy, change your own outlook on humanity and the people who make this world work.  

Those of us who ignore history will not be able to help with our future. Situations change and we must know that, in order to deal with...

January 01, 2021

Politics crossing over boundaries, Religion crossing over boundaries, Corporations crossing over boundaries

Is it possible that mankind can live with the rest of the world?

Republicans, you have been dangerously wrong about one person (someone of grave danger, of misguidance). I know that your type does not like to be wrong because you think it demeans you! But when you are wrong and don’...

December 01, 2020

My comments after Trump’s 2020 loss of the Presidency

My comments after Trump’s 2020 loss of the Presidency


Trumpublican Philosophy: To lie, hoping that it will become the truth once another lie supports your lie. And by then you know people will be so confused that they will believe your original lie. Republicans know that...

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