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June 26, 2018

Capitalism is Everybody's Enemy

It is assumed by many Americans that it is unpatriotic to speak out against Capitalism. Actually, the opposite is true; it is unpatriotic to be a Capitalist. This country was formed with ideals of Free Enterprise as its economic foundation, not Capitalism. There is a big difference between Capitalism...

May 20, 2018

The Russians Are Coming To California, The Hippie Russians, That Is!

And John McCleary will be hosting and touring them around California.

A contingency of Russian Hippies, with a few scholars in tow, is passing through California, San Francisco, Monterey, Los Angles, and Culver City the last of May and first of June.

John McCleary, California author...

March 08, 2018

Get Rid Of The Republiguns!

Get Rid

Of The


February 14, 2018

Is Humankind Progressing? Or Have We Thrown Ourselves Under The Mastodon?

I will be seventy-five years old, March 5th, 2018! If I were to tell you all the things I have done in my life, you would think I was one person lying to you, or several people who have had very busy lives. Yet, what I would say would be all true. It would not be boasting; it is just what happened...

February 13, 2018

Computer Hacking From The Corporate Side. User Friendly Has Become User Unfriendly in Only 42 Years!

Silicon Valley corporate planned obsolescence is now the new most expensive computer-related scam!

Silicon Valley, once considered our solution to wasting time relying on pencils and our savior from boredom, is now stealing much of our time and has dumbed us down so that we think making repetitive...

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