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October 08, 2023


This first blog post was written in the 1980s and published in my second book of The Hippie Trilogy, titled CAMMON SENSE AND REASON AGAIN in 2020.

Stock Market

The stock market needs an overhaul and a downsizing. The original intent in creating the stock ...

October 08, 2023


These are critical times. Truthfully, never before in human society has humankind faced annihilation unless they stop, back up a few paces and become friendly. There is no shame in negotiating or compromising to save the world. You will not lose your patriotic stance or national pride by banning ...

October 08, 2023


You red state people who have been denying climate change for 50 years, are now suffering God’s wrath by weather.  We blue states have been warning you for 50 years, and you have been calling us fruits and nuts. What does that make you, stones and moss?


July 12, 2023

Guns Do Not Protect Your Family *First published by John McCleary in 1969

Guns Do Not Protect Your Family! Stop using that as an excuse for owning firearms.

The facts prove that you are actually putting your family at risk by owning a gun. Numbers show that, for every one criminal who is subdued by a household gun, there are literally hundreds of family members...

July 01, 2023

First Published by John McCleary in 2017* Planned Obsolescence: The Corporate Joke On The American Public

In primal and tribal societies people worked only to feed, clothe, house and protect themselves. Then they created art and played with family and friends the rest of the time. They had active social and family lives because they worked only for the essentials. Today we work and slave for a lot of...

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