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March 30, 2022

“Three 16-year-olds die in a senseless automobile accident”

I want to influence the next generation. Today is already etched in stone, but we must break those stones and create a better future.

 “Three 16-year-olds die in a senseless automobile accident” “She won the spelling bee by spelling the word ‘spellingbee’ correctly; it is two words and she said so.” Young folks, be careful what you do today because it will follow you throughout your life if you survive. I was fortunate that I only did good things, things that would not be hated or disapproved of by rational folks. I am now having people come to me for advice and suggestions. I always say tell the truth and tell it even louder to the people who are lying to you.

Flower petals opening to the sun, the bird’s flight across the sky, the waves splashing, squid’s squiding and then, we have the human animals, destroying all that.