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January 07, 2023

*First published in 2008 by John McCleary* Un-American to Criticize Capitalism

Many people think it is un-American to criticize Capitalism, yet it is actually patriotic to do so. Most Americans do not know that Free Enterprise, not Capitalism, was the actual economic foundation upon which our Founding Fathers built this country. Our country is 232 years old, yet capitalism, as we know it, is less than 150 years old.

Capitalism is the new Feudalism, and the feudal system is why most colonists and immigrants left the old country to come to America. The problem is that the tyrants and feudal lords, in search of new people to subjugate and land to conquer, arrived on the second boat to America.

Capitalists want a monopoly, not free enterprise. Free enterprise is a level playing field, which embodies the American Dream for everyone; whereas capitalism gives the dream to a small percentage of the people. Sharing the wealth has been considered a Communist conspiracy since McCarthy and Nixon’s slander of the 1950s, yet it is found in most tribes, villages and small towns, and is the best way to keep the world from constant political upheaval and eventual revolutions.

In nature’s food chain all nourishment must come from the smallest organism and travel upward, feeding each member in the chain so that it can eventually reach the top predator. In an equitable and rational human economic food chain, the money should start at the bottom and pass through the ranks, nourishing and satisfying each member of society until it reaches the bosses at the top. Rich folks, don’t worry, you will get the money eventually, as usual; but if you don’t let the poor folks have it temporarily, you may as well be tyrants of old, and you will also have to start preparing for food riots and possibly revolution. As Bob Marley said, “A hungry man is an angry man!”

Capitalism is not a democratic form of economy! Why do we allow it in America? Capitalism benefits those who are already wealthy, and they are continually changing the rules to give themselves more advantage.

The rich do not reach down to pull up anyone else. There are only a limited number of stalls in the executive bathroom.