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November 14, 2020

2020 Voting Cycle

2020 Voting Cycle

Because of my loving, nurturing and respect-driven childhood I never had the insecurity necessary to become an ego driven, asshole businessman.

This Trump catastrophe could be the answer.., the path to human perfection.

The Republican Party has given up its usefulness to the American public. Now they are supporting big business only, and big business is not giving our economy as much support or energy as the working public does. Reagan’s trickle-down has proven to be the scam it always was!

This fear people have of social systems is self-defeating. People have to start thinking for themselves, stop listening to the Fox and conservative talking heads and listen to the balanced media of all the other news channels combined.

Capitalists killed our good president and leaders, and we ended up with Reagan, Nixon, the Bushes and Trump. It is time to have a Green Party and neuter the Republicans.

People; I like people. No matter what religion, color, creed, I want to get to know them, I don’t want to kill them. They have so many things to give to my life and personality. Anyone who hates someone just because of their religion, color or creed is insecure, egotistical and possibly mentally unstable.

Of course, in Texas they have cattle with the biggest horns. In Texas, if you have a big enough property, you can call yourself; Colonel, Captain or God, and some do! They say they have the prettiest women and the friendliest people, but I think they proclaim too much. In my travels around the world the only place I have been where I feared for my life and was mistreated as a person was Texas. But I don’t want to kick them out of my bathroom or neighborhood or lynch them. They can do what they want if they just don’t try to kick me out of their neighborhood or kill me. By the way, my sweet mother was born in Texas, and she couldn't wait to get out of their circle of ego.

Arrogance, Greed, Selfishness and Bigotry are the worst human traits, and whom do we all know who possesses all of these in abundance?

Fascism is bad, Communism is bad, and Capitalism is bad for the majority of people. Free enterprise is good, Socialism is good, and freedom of religion is good for the majority of people. Let us be a majority supportive, democratic America.

Intelligence is not arrogance if you are using it to help people. Stupidity is arrogance if you are using it to hurt or put other people down.


The Republicans, their egos and deep down insecurities are driving them to control you, to get money and power to make them feel good, and they do it by supporting the “robber barons.” Yes, they are still here. They don’t like liberal arts education, they are afraid of intelligent people, because the intellectual liberal sees right through them and is trying to temper their control of human kind. You are all slaves to the capitalists on some level or other. The American Dream has been altered and prostituted to be available only to those who will work as social slaves and keep quiet.


The Republicans are fighting health care for people who need it. So what is wrong with taking taxes from the rich man to help the poor man who has bled, swept and suffered to give that rich man his money? The Republican and capitalist does not care about you. You are just a machine or a tool for their riches. You know that is true. Why continue to vote for them?


I do not want to take the bread out of the mouths of rich people’s children, or make them stop playing golf or buying a new Porsche each year. What I want them to do is to think about the children they are denying bread.


It is obvious who is right and who is wrong! The people who care about other people are right. They are the liberals and socialists. The people who are wrong are the ones who lie, cheat and steal money from the people, and enslave their workers and their families for generations. More people are killed by capitalists than by street thugs, yet there are far more "street thugs" and "other suspected felons" out there.


I can’t for the life of me figure out why some people are against a world government or United Nations, unless they are in favor of wars or are making a lot of money on chaos, death and poverty.


November 3, 2020

Right now, the Republican Congress is a group of economic and social obstructionists, protecting the capitalist's interests.


We must choose our leaders better. No egotists, no capitalists, no fascists or communists. Free enterprise/socialism should be America’s basic social, economic and political foundation because that was what our founding fathers had in mind.

Truth and taste is what is needed in a leader of a democratic society.


Some people look for a dark leader or a judgmental God to match their own insecurity and negativity.


All this politics, religion, ethnic pride and spirituality is human nature. But if our zeal, personal comfort, and religious fanaticism lead to other people’s pain, then it is wrong for us to pursue it.


What ever you do, don’t let your ego step out of your abilities.