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September 29, 2020

Balanced Supreme Court

Balanced Supreme Court


September 27, 2020

I have underestimated the greed of the conservatives. For them to stoop so low as to steal elections and pack the Supreme Court to make it so biased that the US will soon be unable to function as a free society, that is the work of maggots.

By packing the courts with extreme conservative and capitalist judges the Republican party is making it impossible for middle America to have any say in its own government or to maintain economic freedom!

A balanced Supreme Court has been able to keep democracy viable and within reach of the middle and lower classes. Now, as it becomes more conservative the Robber Barons will be able to take away all the freedoms we hold dear. Pro Choice is only the tip of the iceberg; freedom of speech, religious choice and control of our own money will be next.

The Republican Congress is so shameless that they are willing to let this criminal president run all over them in an effort to run all over the wishes of the majority of the population. The Grand Old Party should be ashamed of themselves for being so gutless and undemocratic.

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