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April 07, 2021

Black Lives Matter efforts to achieve acceptance and respect are going to make it all worse for African-Americans

I hate to have to say this, because I have been a civil rights advocate, demonstrator, photographer and writer since the mid-sixties. In high school half of my best friends were African-Americans or people of color. But, in my opinion, some of the Black Lives Matter efforts to achieve acceptance and respect are going to make it all worse for African-Americans.

First, I can see that many companies, business and individuals are just using the campaign for their own profit, and this gives the movement a loss of respect. What is happening right now is that the media is  using Black Lives Matter to promote Black and White compatibility, but also, by the way, to make more money for the networks. Now this friendship issue is a good thing, but the way it is being done is making a lot of white nationalists even madder and more dangerous.

When dealing with bigots, what you may not know is that you are dealing with individuals and large, well-organized hate groups that are still fighting the Civil War. They think they are right and will fight harder to prove it. They use physical power, not rational thought processes, to win points for their egos.

The media is overselling African-Americans to the American public through greatly increasing Black actors in TV commercials and showing many more mixed couples. This trend is pissing off a white percentage of very bigoted people who are violently opposed to integration. It is even beginning to annoy many whites who have always been tolerant before.

The networks are also adding more and more Black-related TV shows; I think it is almost two to one more new Black shows. It is getting to be very difficult to be a white advertising model or actor in Hollywood. Considering that the African-American population in this country represents 30%, something is starting to look suspicious, or at least apologetic.

The liberal population considers these media trends to be an effort to make restitution for hundreds of years of slavery, abuse or disregard, but I believe there are much more positive and effective ways to make amends.