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June 26, 2018

Capitalism is Everybody's Enemy

It is assumed by many Americans that it is unpatriotic to speak out against Capitalism. Actually, the opposite is true; it is unpatriotic to be a Capitalist. This country was formed with ideals of Free Enterprise as its economic foundation, not Capitalism. There is a big difference between Capitalism and Free Enterprise.

Capitalism and Communism are very similar in what they do to the people involved in them. The powerful people get greedy, the regular people get worked to death, intellectuals get harassed and the weak and tired get discarded. One is no better than the other. They should both join the list of human experiments that failed and were rejected.

Capitalism is only about 100-150 years old. A Capitalist actually does not believe in Free Enterprise; a Capitalist believes in a monopoly. Free Enterprise is the concept of a level playing field on which all people are free to be enterprising. Capitalists do everything within their power, illegally or by creating new laws, to restrict the competition of others. This is un-American activity.

Capitalism is actually very much like feudalism, which is what we left the “old country” to get away from. Capitalists are the lords; the workers are the serfs.

Capitalists make money on the money they invest. A Capitalist does not work to make money; he works to protect his investments. The nature of Capitalism is dehumanizing in that the investors are not involved in healthy, normal human work and accomplishments. They are concerned merely with the numbers. The bottom line.

Many people in the middle class of America look up to Capitalists and dream of being a Capitalist one day. That is why they support the vision they have of Capitalism. The truth of the matter is that few people will ever become Capitalists. Capitalists will not reach down to help you up because then you become competition.

Excerpt from Common Sense Again by John McCleary