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September 10, 2020

CHAPTER 51 of my new book Common Sense and Reason Again -- Monopoly Is Not a Game

Monopoly Is Not a Game  Monopoly is not a game today; it is a too real economic reality! And it is a destructive social and economic problem.  “Only the rich play it like a game. The poor feel like the ball that is being hit, the bull’s-eye shot at, or the racket being abused!” Dudley Griffin, 1/2/20  Capitalism is the creator of monopoly, not the game, but the real larcenous practice of controlling prices and salaries, which happens when one company controls the whole market in any one place.  Capitalists do not believe in free enterprise. They believe in monopoly, where they and only they have the power and right to be prosperous. And capitalists have been slowly eroding all the checks and balances that our Founding Fathers created to make prosperity possible for everyone.  The irony of the popularity of the game of Monopoly, which seems to promote greed and insensitive combative competition, is that the first person to invent the concept of that game about capitalism was actually opposed to the business practices of monopolies and the existence of capitalism and its anti-democracy activities.  Her name was Lizzie Magie, a liberal, and she invented the game that became Monopoly in and around 1903. Her creation was intended as a way to expose the negative aspects of land monopolies. She had it patented as The Landlord’s Game and created two sets of rules; one, the anti-monopoly game, where all where rewarded when wealth was achieved, and second, a monopolist set of rules where the objective was to crush opponents.  In the 1930s a man named Charles Darrow swiped the idea and begin marketing it in the more competitive form of “corporate crush.” He was an unemployed heating “engineer” and most likely a conservative, but he went on to being a millionaire from his theft.  To give America back the American Dream, America must reinstitute monopoly laws. Monopoly gives corporations the temptation to steal from the public when they own a whole industry. 

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