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September 10, 2020

Chapter 58 of my new book Common Sense and Reason Again Terrorism

Chapter 58




     Some people will say the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001 was the most infamous event in the history of America, but in the long run, how it was handled by our government could become the biggest disaster in the life of this nation.

     The terrorist attack mostly just damaged our ego. But the war on terrorism itself, instituted by the U.S. government administration at that time, has damaged much more because it has opened the door for the conservative oppressors within our government and industry to violate even more of the freedoms that were given to us under our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  


     The war on terrorism has been more damaging to this country than the terrorism itself. The USA Patriot Act has wiped out hundreds of years of freedom, and the atmosphere of paranoia has changed the personality of this sweet nation into a country of suspicious and intolerant people.

     The regime in power at the time of 9/11 was in need of something to divert attention from the economic disaster of the stock market and the treachery of the capitalist CEOs of Enron and Worldcom. The Trade Center attack could not have come at a better moment for the President and his friends.

     Paranoia has two dangerous effects; it causes uninformed and hysterical people to cease rational thinking altogether, and it provides a tool with which unscrupulous people are able to herd those other people anywhere they want them to go. That is exactly what happened on 9/11.      

     You cannot fight terrorism by exiling yourself within an armed camp. By definition, the terrorists have then won the war, for they have terrorized you within your fortress and cut you off from the freedom to experience the beauty and wonders of this world.

     Terrorists will always find the one flaw in your defense. No matter how paranoid and isolated you make yourself, you will always have some flaw in your defense. The only way you can beat terrorists is by giving them no reason to terrorize you.

     Our government has made exactly the wrong choices to defeat terrorism. The cowboy and super-ego mentality of our current regime is not intellectual enough to realize it is not cowardly to admit that our enemies may have a good reason for hating us.

     We have created the terrorists ourselves by our actions in the Middle East and we are making more terrorists with each bomb we drop and each woman and child we kill.

    I have for many years spoken out against America’s military and economic involvement in the Middle East and our capitalist and oil imperialism throughout the Arab world. That imperialism is what caused the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. That terrorism justified, in some people’s minds, the adoption of the USA Patriot Act into law.          

     And now that Patriot Act can be used against me for speaking out against America’s military and economic involvement in the Middle East and our capitalist and oil Imperialism, which caused the terrorism. The people who are most responsible for causing the atmosphere that created the terrorist attacks are now in a position to silence those of us who want to change that atmosphere and stop terrorism.

     An even more profound terrorist attack on this country was the one Enron and Worldcom inflicted on the American people. And how the Enron and Worldcom terrorism was ignored by Washington will eventually have an even more damaging affect on this country than 9/11 did.

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