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September 10, 2020

Chapter 60 of my new book Common Sense and Reason Again Laws That Create Law-Breaking

Chapter 60


Laws That Create Law-Breaking


     “If you want things fixed, ask an intellectual. You may not like the way he looks or smells, but self-pride and ego won’t get in the way of his ideas. If you want this democracy to work, rely on intellectuals. You may not like the way they dress, but greed will not disrupt their decisions.”

Dudley Griffin


Poverty and despair cause anti-social behavior, and poverty and despair are often caused by societies marginalizing or forgetting people.

     The conservative attitude of controlling people and the laws based on conservative thinking are forcing many people to break laws. If you don’t trust people, you automatically make them untrustworthy by your attitude toward them. You force them to rebel against your rules. It is basic human nature, understood by the liberal mind, but overlooked or ignored by conservatives.

     The do-as-I-sayers are people who do not trust people to do the right thing, and therefore, they want to force everybody to do as they say, even though, if you look into their own lives, they are hypocritical and are doing things contrary to what they say others should do.

Judge people by their actions, not their words.  

The live-and-let-livers are the good people who are just trying to conduct peaceful, productive lives with a reasonable amount of prosperity and happiness. They, the live-and-let-livers, don’t care what you do except when it hurts others. Your body is your body, and your mind is your mind. We sometimes warn you of the problems your actions cause for yourself and for others, but we will not advocate stopping you unless others suffer. Every person is physically in the center of their world, with everything going on and radiating out us. But most people don’t try to have everyone around them praise, honor and defer to them because of that.    

“They,” the do-as-I-sayers, don’t care what their actions inflict on other people. Most people think that they are the center of the earth; only the arrogant people make a big deal out of it.     

Bigoted economy does not work for anyone except the wealthy. Immigrant workers stimulate small and medium-size business. The 2019 Nobel Prize winners have proven this. Social welfare does not harm the economy. Only the wealthy 1% capitalists believe otherwise and fight to end welfare support.

The corporations don’t like small businesses taking “their” profit from them. And they also don’t like having a society of people who will work for slave salaries, on which the corporates have no control. Business people don’t like having a society of workers who will take a below-living standard wage who are not buying the high-priced crap that they are making. These are mostly our undocumented immigrants. We have to compromise on our ethnic prejudice and celebrate the hard work and sacrifices these people endure just to survive.

Benjamin Franklin said that compromises may not make great heroes but make great democracies.

     “We” have to force a revolution of attitude in this country and the world. I believe strongly in the basic laws, ideals and systems of this country as do most good-hearted and respectable people.

     I also believe most people of this country are respectable and good-hearted. But there is a core of leaders and businessmen in this country whose only allegiance is to power and money. “We,” the live-and-let-livers, are the good people who are just trying to conduct peaceful, productive lives with a reasonable amount of prosperity and happiness. “They,” the do-as-I-sayers, are conservative-minded, power-seeking, religious bigots and capitalists.

     “We” have to stop letting them push us around. “We” have to first recognize who “they” are, and then start boycotting them, stop voting for them and stop buying “their stuff.”

     “Their stuff” is what is imprisoning us. Conservatives crave control of others, and the material goods "materialism" that they have infected upon us is how they control us. The advertising industry has convinced us that we must have all these things, and we have given them our souls to possess them.

     The middle-class majority are the potential heroes of democracy and human freedom. A large, informed public is the solution to the hatred, war and intolerance in this world.

     The “public,” the “masses,” possess the common sense necessary to create a utopia, a Garden of Eden here on earth. Our Founding Fathers knew this! That is why they tried to give the power to the people.

     The creators of our democratic self-government knew that “the people” could and would, in the long run, compromise for the sake of the well-being of all. They knew that “the common sense” resided in the common people, not the rich and powerful.

     In case you haven’t noticed, things are getting worse for more people all the time. More debt, more stress, more medical expenses, less time with the family.

     If you are happy with your life and financial circumstances, that’s wonderful, but look around you. Is your happiness based only on the “stuff” you possess? Is all of it paid for? Meaning, have you paid off the debt that you are in to possess this stuff?      

     Society has placed its trust in the wrong people. We have come to believe that, if a person is a successful businessman or a lawyer, then he must be qualified to lead a government and create its laws.

     Yes, but what kind of government does a businessman or lawyer want? The application of law in this country has come down to the issue of which of the lawyers is the best liar. The business world is much the same, and there is definitely no democracy in a corporation. Business is a totalitarian activity.

     So the people who are now making the rules in this free speech, democratic country are well versed in lying and are experienced dictators. Fine, that makes a lot of sense.

     Freedom of speech works only if the truth is spoken. If a person lies, he is not exercising his right to free speech; he is just plain breaking the rules of free speech. Power will corrupt anyone, but even more so someone who already has a taste for money. People seem to lie easily when money is the issue.

     We have trusted people who are not trustworthy. They have their own economic agenda. We have been told by these businessmen and lawyers that this is a capitalist nation when actually capitalism is incompatible with democracy.

     The silent majority has been led to believe that businessmen and lawyers are their friends, and anyone who thinks about that for a moment will realize it ain’t so. Capitalists are your friends as long as you pay your bills and keep quiet. The silent majority has just become lazy. They are not paying attention to what is going on around them.

     Common sense tells us not to employ the wolf to care for the sheep! Yet, in the U.S. government we do this all the time. No matter how many times the wolf disappoints us, we continue to give him the keys. Where money is involved, it is far too much temptation to a capitalist to give him the keys to this country and its economic prospects.

     The people who make decisions about our economics should be intellectuals and educators. Their motives are much more benevolent than those of a businessman, and they understand far better the concept of economic and political democracy.

     A businessman can be counted on to construct loopholes for himself and his friends. Intellectuals can be counted on to find loopholes for humanity.  

     A true democratic government must be devoted to the majority’s interests, or it becomes a dictatorship run by a few people devoted to the interests of a few. We are very close to that right now.

     We must separate business and state. We cannot have a democracy with corporate CEOs running the government.

     Some people, especially those who are afraid of government controls of their business dealings, are against democratically run government. They say they are against big government because it is wasteful and impersonal. But they are actually opposed to a large administrative government because it scrutinizes their economic activities.

     It is true that a big government can be wasteful and impersonal, but the real reason conservatives dislike a large government is because it exposes and curtails their own unscrupulous business dealings. If they can have their kind of government, they will support it. You see, conservative administrations actually create larger governments during their times, but it is a government that only agrees with their shenanigans.

     We must stop putting our faith in people who have a personal economic agenda. Money is the root of all evil, and it has been the reason for every totalitarian government that has ever existed. A person’s economic motives should be scrutinized before he is allowed to represent a democracy.

     The silent majority thinks all the marching in the streets against oil and power companies and in support of the environment is some crazy hippie love-in, but this is serious. It is a life-and-death struggle against selfish and greedy people.

     Liberals have actually been too quiet, too subdued, for too long. We are not confrontational by nature. It takes issues of real life-and-death importance for us to act.

     But we have a lot of good ideas and solutions. That is what liberal intellectuals have to offer to the world. The world should be listening to these people. Not businessmen and lawyers.



“If there is any true cause of fear respecting independence it is because no plan is yet laid down. Men do not see their way out; wherefore, as an opening into that business I offer the following hints; at the same time modestly affirming, that I have no other opinion of them myself, than that they may be the means of giving rise to something better. Could the straggling thoughts of individuals be collected, they would frequently form materials for wise and able men to improve to useful matter.”


     Mankind’s most vivid force is the ability to fix things. Included in that, of course, is knowing when something needs fixing. Because of man’s knowledge of self in relation to other life, he is able to feel love, hate, comfort and pain. If man is displeased or pained by something, he can change it. All other animals just submit to their fates. Man is the only one who can fix it and alter the future.

     To fix the mess we are in, we need to stop listening to people who receive an economic reward for creating the mess in the first place.

     Reducing or dismantling the production of luxury items and frivolous commodities might seem like a drastic and even painful prospect. But it cannot be nearly as painful as starving to death, dying from lack of water or asphyxiating from lack of air.

     These are in the future of your children’s children if we do not change our attitude toward our air and water quality. If we do not better control the manufacturing of stuff in this world, we will not have the natural resources to live at all in forty years, let alone build the newest robotic camera cell phone model.

     The most difficult concept for some people to accept, and yet the most important element in the creation of the United States of America, is a smooth and workable combination of freedom, coupled with rational laws within democracy. Both reasonable freedom and common sense social restrictions are necessary for the kind of uplifting and productive democracy our Founding Fathers envisioned.

     It is more complex than just compromise. The problem is that some people want too much freedom for just themselves and more control of everyone else but themselves.

     Those of you who proclaim you are a Jeffersonian or a Hamiltonian, or a Federalist or States’ Righter are missing the point. These people, our Founding Fathers, were for the most part beyond names and egos. They were creating something new, self-government, an icon for humanity, a blueprint for the ages.

     All countries, just as people, are born individuals, selfish and self-important, but if they learn in their progression as they age, they come to understand that they are only a part of humanity of the whole world. If a country and its people do not realize this, then they have not evolved as humans or as a country.

     Mankind needs restrictions. Nature is chaos, and that is the way it is meant to be, but mankind has such a frightening potential for destruction that we need restrictions. Sovereignty of cities, states and even governments in this world is becoming counterproductive.

     Each person, town, state or government has individual needs, but in the long run when they conflict with the big picture, the world, they must take second place. That is why we fought the Civil War, to keep the whole together so that it would not fragment this continent into conflicting values and desires.

     We have a strong and just foundation for our country and our world--free enterprise, democracy, our Bill of Rights and good will toward all men. But the house that has been built on that rock has flaws. We do not need to tear down what we have. We do need to repair and to strengthen it.

     I propose that voters start voting for people who actually live the same way they do, candidates who have the same economic concerns as their own.

     Elect people with humanities and liberal arts degrees, not law and business degrees. Elect people who are interested in sociology, people and living, not business, money and conflict resolution.

     Communism, the opposite economic ideology of capitalism, has been largely rejected in the world; it is time to do away with the other oppressive form of economics on this planet. Common sense would say that we should aim for an economic system right in the middle between these two offending opposites. It is time to create a form of free-enterprise/socialism that gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from their own hard work and yet protects our society from the problems that poverty creates.

     If we had an astute and intelligent government, one that truly believed in our Constitution, freedom and democracy, it would work to curtail capitalist greed and promote truth in advertising and business. If we had a truly benevolent government, it would introduce a form of socialism into many essential occupations and infrastructures.

     A responsible government would pump money into road and public works repairs, education, and the arts, and subsidize the poor. This would put money back into our economy and serve to create productive and useful human beings at the same time.

     Is this too complex for our society to comprehend? Intellectuals see it. Although many Americans will oppose and be frightened by such drastic changes, this is the evolution of mankind.

     If the economic situation of this country continues as it is going right now, we will soon have a small 10% of the population with all the money and the rest of us 90 % struggling to stay alive. That is exactly what the Founding Fathers of the United States were trying to avoid when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

     Our Founding Fathers envisioned a country where the businessmen and working class worked in unison to create a good life and a peaceful society. They knew that, as long as there was economic tyranny and extreme poverty, there would be unrest, revolution and anarchy.

     We left the Old World to get away from the feudal system, and now it has followed us here to America in the form of capitalism. We do not have another continent to go to in order to escape from the oppression of capitalism. We must stop it here.

     Capitalism is greed and selfishness. For years we have counted on it as a way of life. For years we have considered it to be the way things are supposed to be. But now, to save our lives, we must turn completely 180 degrees and start treating others as we would have others treat us.

     Looking at the timeline of our population and environment, it is obvious to a thinking man that we, the humans of the world, don’t have much more time to experiment with the wisdom given us during the last 300 years. If we don’t act now, all is lost.

     If we are to save this world, mankind and any semblance of human dignity, we must embrace peace, love, tolerance and generosity.

     It is going to be difficult at first to reject some of the human traits witch we have long believed basic to our humanness, yet it will become easy once we see the rightness and the results.

     Just because some traits seem to be basic human nature doesn’t mean that they are correct moral behavior. We humans are, above all, evolving creatures. The fact that something seemed to be proper behavior yesterday, does not mean that we must cling to it today. And most rationally, we must question certain actions since all evidence of common sense proves that they are destructive to humankind.

     There have been monumental changes in the history of mankind triggered by a simple thought. There have been massive emotional transformations in the thinking of mankind precipitated by one simple act.

     A 180 degree turn would make this world paradise. We are capable of it. We must do it!

     This is one of those times in history when we need a movement, event or moment that changes not only the physical, but the actual psychological, history of mankind. If not, humankind does not have much more history to write.

The average person today is bombarded by television which we feel we must watch, and then the ever-expanding computer world for which we spend hours in learning curves and then the iPhone cyber babble called social media that actually separates us by space and time; so no wonder we are not accomplishing anything for all of us as humanity!


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