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January 25, 2021

Common Sense and Reason Again

       (Excerpted from my new book, Common Sense and Reason Again)

All of the revolutions and political conflicts around the world over democracy and dictatorship are created and exacerbated by capitalism, money and power. Our founding fathers chose democracy and free enterprise (not capitalism) to be the political and economic foundation for this country, and they did so as a deterrent against discontent and rebellion of the masses. They also did so because they knew it was for The People, the majority of people. They knew, maybe only instinctively, that if the people were given the ability to form their own destiny, they would be happy and not need to revolt violently. Although it has not been publicized widely or spoken of much, one of the underlying reasons for our Founding Fathers choosing a democracy for the government of the United States was that it is a benevolent pacifier for the masses. All other forms of government are dictatorial or autocratic, and they eventually ferment revolution, unrest and social and economic upheaval. The difference between a government and a totalitarian dictatorship is that a dictatorship deals with dissent, while a true government listens to it.

The attack on democracy and the Capitol building is another example of how Ignorant/stupid some people can be. Attacking the institutions that protect your freedoms is like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun. These people need to read a few, maybe five or six, reputable political history books before they attempt to get involved in political actions and making history. As I have said before, if you had done this in 90% of the countries, you would have been shot, no arrest, no due process or innocent before proven guilty. Guys, please don’t pass on your ignorance to your families and the next generation.