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February 13, 2018

Computer Hacking From The Corporate Side. User Friendly Has Become User Unfriendly in Only 42 Years!

Silicon Valley corporate planned obsolescence is now the new most expensive computer-related scam!

Silicon Valley, once considered our solution to wasting time relying on pencils and our savior from boredom, is now stealing much of our time and has dumbed us down so that we think making repetitive keystrokes is actually living.

Now synonymous with time misused is the iPhone, and presently most wasted hours are spent on computer program learning curves! The future of mankind is only a redo of the old business model of producing products we don’t really need and convincing us to buy them using ego-building advertising.

Pop-up upgrades are now impossible to ignore, and they eat up rams and bytes, making your “box” outdated so it must be replaced once or twice a year. Upgrades were once positive; now they are like corporate hacking.

Do you know that the only moving parts in most computers are the fans to keep them cool from all the hot air? A computer or iPhone should theoretically never wear out. That is not completely true, yet I hope you get the Idea, that replacing any working machine for corporate profits is not good for your economics, your common sense, or our world resources!

Human beings can’t help themselves! They discover a tool and they make a weapon out of it, or worse yet, a way to cheat people of their hard earned money.

Young folks go to school, get a degree and want to make their mark! So they redesign something that doesn’t need to be improved. Of course, the corporations love to see that, put a little advertising behind the new product, tout it as the newest and best, sell it, get rid of that old product.

The finest example is the bathtub! The old single faucet, claw-foot tub is without a doubt the most functional and comfortable bathtub ever designed. So some new modern, less comfortable tub takes its place.

Well the computer Industry has taken it further by creating new Apps, faster functions, new bells and whistles, making our computers unable to produce the gigs and relegating them to the junk heap! Give me back my old PhotoShop, and PageMaker, and I can do anything you can do now ten upgrades down the line.

We need a consumer revolution! The learning curves are eating up our lives!

Of course, young people will not understand what I’m saying until they reach an older age, when they have real things to do with their lives, like homes, families, and jobs outside the cyber existence.

Right now the biggest problems within the computer world are not independent hackers or identity thieves! We are at more risk from the computer corporate hacking that is siphoning our money and sapping our time and energy.

The capitalization of the computer industry to the extreme point at which it is today of lying to, cheating and stealing from the public is most disappointing! Initially, we saw the computer industry as a “New Age,” grass roots, alternative to the IBM business model. In the 1970s university students creating totally new tools, which we thought would be used to help build a perfect world in which people cooperated and worked for peace, prosperity and true understanding, drove the industry.

I know, that idea, from here and now, sounds unbelievably naive, but in the 70s it felt as if it was happening, that mankind could finally turn the world around and create cooperation, tolerance and return us to the Garden of Eden.

Yes, it was a Dream, based on an attitude and technology that seemed above the flaws of mankind.

But man’s selfish side, his inhuman clone, reared its ugly head. And money became even more important than family, morality, and country, even more revered than God!

So why do I even bother writing these words to eyes that read one-syllable, misspelled abbreviations, and funny faces, and why do I speak to plugged-in ears that hear only hip and hop?

Well somebody has to start doing some rational thinking around here!

If our society is always forced to make decisions based on religion or economics, rather than common sense and what is right for the majority of the people, then our society is doomed!


Religions deceive us
Weapons fail us
Governments forsake us
We only have us to rely on!
JMc 1.5.1


By John Bassett McCleary, Author of The Hippie Dictionary
Excerpt from his next book, Common Sense Again