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October 09, 2020

Don’t Man Up, Human Up!

Common Sense and Reason are The Only Saviors We Have Right Now!

Don’t Man Up, Human Up!


Thinking reasonably is the only thing that makes human beings smarter than animals. Right now in the USA, we have a gang of animals running around wearing human clothing pretending to be human, and a monster animal in oversized, $8,000 dark shits and red tie who is empowering and encouraging them to be violent against the real humans who are trying to live peacefully, rationally and intelligently in civilized, democratic society.


Democracy is what allows you to live free, go to the church you want and speak what you want; it does not give you the freedom to hurt other people. Fascism, which is what a lot of you folks are headed for, does not give you freedom or allow you to go to your church or speak out, but it will give you the freedom to hurt other people if that is what rings your bell. Read some history, get educated, become a patriot and protect the American dream.

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