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February 02, 2021

Folks, don’t let the Republicans destroy our valuable democratic form of government


Folks, don’t let the Republicans destroy our valuable democratic form of government, for the sake of the wealthy 1%. Tell them you want them to co-partner in patriotic, nonpartisan work with the Democrats. Tell them not to be poor losers and consistently block all of the laws that are suggested by Biden’s efforts, as the Republicans did to Obama’s administration. It was destructive to this country. The Southerners were doing it mostly because Obama was African-American, and the obstructionist, know-nothing Republicans did it because they think that they need to block anything the Democrats propose in order to keep their status with the Republican base of under-educated voters. The Republican’s gutted and destroyed the Affordable Care Act as they have continually done to all welfare for the people. Those are the worst capitalist Republican hatchet jobs, and the American public has suffered for these selfish acts. We need election reform, basically to curtail the Electoral College and to limit political donations. Let’s get back to being a free and democratic nation.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is this character? That rock did she crawl out from under? QAnon is based the on Republican, conservative and religious   habits of feeding lies to their ignorant base, who will believe anything they say and never to check facts. They say that there is a Democratic cabal of pedophiles and sex traffickers. One fact I do know is that there are more conservative, White, Christian pedophiles than in any other group of people of their number. I know this because I have had half a dozen friends in social services and child protection, and they call many Christian fathers the diddlers because of how they treat children and their wives.

American white supremacists have created a bubble around themselves built of fears of a past and insecurity of tomorrow thinking that the Black horde will overtake them. I called you white supremacists instead of fucking stupid bigots, which you are.

I think we are going to start backing off on any attacks on the Republicans personality or past history. We must address their morality. Oh shit, they fail on all accounts! Every time we address their lies, they find a new lie to try to hide that lie, which they were using to cover another lie. No, it was not their first or their last. Well, Rachael Maddow, we might have to dial down the indignation and rely on sincere disgust.

Rand Paul, the capitalist sympathizer who has stolen millions of dollars from the American public by helping his sugar daddies, and could actually be complicit in the death and destruction of many people around the world though his support of the robber barons of the 21st century. Randy is running for president for 2024, and if he were to win, it would be back to Trumptastrophes again.

From a fortune cookie: Money is gratifying; not satisfying.

CNN, Cuomo is the person to watch if you want to see the raw truth and also Stuart Stevens, a former Republican strategist, is someone to listen to.

You Republicans should just join or start a fascist party, or you could do the right thing and become members of our wonderful democracy and follow all the rules as every other reputable citizen does. If you can’t take the heat, don’t start the fire. If you don’t want the pressure, don’t defend your mistakes. It makes you look foolish as well as devious. McConnell, playing your long game is not going to be good for this county, world, or your public image, you asshole. Get off your ego trip. It won’t work! You are behind times. On this issue you are timed out. How is it that some people who think they are so right can be so wrong? It’s not because of dementia only; it is because you are living in the past, but not listening to the past. Times change. You have to find the right future for humankind and work toward that. Right now the only reasonable, rational future is no nationalism, no bigotry, no Republicans no Democrats, just cooperation for our mutual survival.

Ignorance is not masculine or sexy. Breaking windows and doors at the Capitol just makes you look like stupid fools.

We liberals and Democrats have one problem; we are too nice, too fair, and too lawful. We are not trashing you Republicans because we don’t like you personally. We don’t like what you are doing to the good people. Trump screwed us all. Stop bending over for him and his know-nothing fan base. Remember in the words of “McCabe B. Job,” the homeless guy on State Street, “Having a revolutionary spirit is good unless it is not based on a good reason, a good attitude and a good knowledge of what people need to be comfortable, happy and law abiding.”

OK, wake up all of you! There are some things you don’t know and some people who know more than you or I do. And then there are some people like me, who are trying to help you know what you don’t know, and I don’t know, which are important to know in order for us all to survive and help our world to survive.