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March 10, 2021

FOX News (Snews) is not really reporting the news; it is creating news to sell more advertising

FOX Snews is not really reporting the news; it is creating news to sell more advertising. They are demonizing China and other countries in order to create economic and physical wars that make them lots of money, while our present government and population are trying to neutralize the conflicts created by our last administration. Of course, FOX makes money from conflicts, some they create, unlike the rational news media that don’t want to have to report on another body count like the Korean conflict, Viet Nam Police Action, or Gulf War.


Masks as a moral issue. Liberals and hippies don’t force anybody to smoke dope or have abortions, or to use birth control. That is your choice. We may suggest these things for your own good sometimes, but forcing people to do things, or not to do things, is what conservatives, capitalists and religious extremists do. They are not very democratic people. Capitalist drug dealers and pharmaceutical companies force people into things for economic gain. Hippies and liberals suggest and ask you to do these things for your own good and the good of the rest of the world. Masks are for your own good, your children’s good, family, friends and for others you may not even care for. If people are irrational about public safety, the majority may be forced through democratic means to create or reinstitute laws that protect public safety. Get with the program and think and vote democratically


Republicans just don’t like democracy!

They like recalls, filibusters, gerrymandering, the Electoral College and unlimited political contributions.


COVID testing and all new information about the effectiveness of different vaccines on different variants of the virus should, and must, be carried out by organizations that have no economic self-interest because, as we have seen in the past, the pharmaceutical companies are not above lying, and they have produced and distributed drugs that they know kill people.


Fox Business News

It appears that Fox is starting to see that they are out of step with the rational people, the family oriented backbone of society. In the last few weeks I have seen Fox be a little less contrary to the truth, less dictatorial and less Fascist in their delivery. Fox, for the sake of “Life on Earth,” please re-educate most of your talking heads or fire them. Against your wishes the public really wants some socialism, non-religious dogma and more racial tolerance. I know that this may not fit in with your capitalist supporters and low IQ followers, but this is supposed to be a democracy, so you are beginning to feel the pinch of being wrong and rejected. I know you don’t actually care about being wrong because is still brings you money.


FOX Business News is fighting the Biden and Democratic Congressional stimulus packages because their capitalist friends don’t think it will sustain either their depression or inflationary sweet spot where capitalists make most of their money. The Republicans come from a sensibility that becomes jealous easily. If someone does something that they don’t like or wishes they had thought of themselves, they will lie, cheat and steal to destroy the idea and the people who created it.

Capitalists don’t know nor care that the money trickle-up economy effect, as opposed to trickle-down, will eventually bring the money back to them. And also, by the way, make the population more comfortable and content.

These Republican robber barons that/who are only 2 or 3% of the American population make most of their money by buying short and selling high.

Capitalists love the swings of economy because it always makes them more money. Whereas everybody else, upper-middle, definitely the middle class and lower classes, always loses money during economic insecurity because they don’t have time to study the economic turns or the money to back up their investments.


How do some people live with themselves? The answer is that they have decided to forgive and forget their own past sins, stupidities and greed. What they don’t know is that it will come back to haunt them. Wow, I’m glad that I don’t have to grow old with all those skeletons in my closet!


“The king of division and bigotry is dead. Long live king Rush.”


“The king of obstruction and deception is dead. Long live king Newt”