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May 11, 2023

I think God has become annoyed with all the people who continually keep praying to “IT.”

If you are an investor, a board member, CEO, or in upper management of a pharmaceutical company, you are a liar, robber and killer, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Young people today are putting all their faith in AI, sci-fi, and computers to enhance their lives and make something of themselves. They would be better off buying a hammer or getting an education in history. They have not paid attention to the real sci-fi writers like Bradbury, Heinlein, Herbert, Huxley, Jules Vern, HG Wells etc. Most of those guys were telling us not to go that way, saving humankind by moving to another planet. The best of the recent sci-fi, like The Marten, The Passengers, The Fifth Element is telling us that it is only our own common sense intelligence that will save us in the end.

1967 was a stellar year for me. 1. My daughter, Siobhan, was born. 2. I went to the Monterey Pop Festival 3. I started “experimenting with marijuana and psychedelics (no injections), very little coke or opioids. If everybody else on the planet had ben able to do this, the world would now be heaven, the Garden of Eden and all your best and purest dreams.

I think God has become annoyed with all the people who continually keep praying to “IT.” Why don’t people learn what morality is and that it can be achieved by all of us on our own, and why don’t people work and get the car, house or partner they want through rightfully earning them, instead of expecting some unknown father to give these things to them?

We need a blow-out 2024 election, installing Democrats so that this country can get back to being a more friendly, helpful, curious, kind and strong administration working on reasonable, humanitarian choices.

Yes, humans use drugs to stimulate themselves. Sometimes for good and sometimes for bad.  People take or drink or smoke things for mental or physical health and sometimes to work, to play or to create. And, yes, some people drink to kill others, steal from others or lie to others. Like most writers, I sometimes drink, smoke or take pills to help others, teach others or support others.