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February 14, 2018

Is Humankind Progressing? Or Have We Thrown Ourselves Under The Mastodon?

I will be seventy-five years old, March 5th, 2018! If I were to tell you all the things I have done in my life, you would think I was one person lying to you, or several people who have had very busy lives. Yet, what I would say would be all true. It would not be boasting; it is just what happened to me while I was busy making other plans. If I were to take any responsibility for my life, I think that my personal contribution was mostly curiosity! I have lived through the most inventive, exciting and in some ways catastrophic time of man.
What I am telling you about myself is only for credibility so that you will be willing to listen to the other more important things I have learned from my life! And the reason I want you to listen or read what I have to say is because I care about what happens to you and to humankind and the world we live on.

All indications are, in spite of our human pride and insistence, mankind is presently going backwards culturally, socially and morally. The GNP is good in industrial nations and countries with oil, but even in those areas of the world the majority of the population is living a less successful existence than 4 decades ago. Medical health is better than the last century, but the tradeoff of having to work to pay for that health, is degrading family life and creating other ways to die younger or live longer with mental health issues. One the biggest reasons for bankruptcy in America is medical expenses. I know I am a cynic, but a well-informed cynic.

No one is carrying the clipboard in this world. Our global economy is not being run like a good company or even a good sports team. And therefore, this world is going to go into bankruptcy eventually or not make it to the championship game. I’m using sports and business terms and analogies, because they are all that many people understand! What I’m saying is that mankind will extinct itself if it doesn’t wise up and start thinking in terms of helping each other. Vote for people who care for the people, not just for business people.

You must be smart enough to know that most business type people don’t care about ecology or the next generations; they care about their own bottom line! But real people do have a morality, and most of them do want to save the whales and the people and the water, air and green things called plants and food. And many politicians are owned by the industrial world, and therefore they also think of the Capitalists’ bottom line!

We need to hire or vote in sociologists, educators, and historians to run this world, its economics, politics, infrastructure and welfare systems. Our only recourse is to vote out the people who are supporting the robbers and cheaters of the American public.
I know there are many of you who don’t like politicians of any kind, and many of you have not gotten over your prejudice of some races, or your inability to accept a woman as a leader, but these are small discomforts compared with global annihilation.

Religion is tearing us apart, and Capitalist greed is enslaving us, and right now the only thing that can save us is love, peace and saving the whales! And the only way to do that is to support the least bigoted, war-like, and greedy political party. The Democrats are the only choice right now! You vote Republican, and you voting against yourself. Yet, if the Democrats stop being democratic, I will be one of the first to speak out about throwing them out.

In this democracy, every law and the administration of those laws should benefit the majority. If our “government” is benefiting the business world over the people, that government should be replaced.

The Reaganomics sold to us in the 1980 is a scam upon the working class, and remember, someone needs to work in order for the world to function. And the workers should—must–be treated with respect.
What is good for General Motors, The Oil Companies and Silicon Valley is not really what is good for this country. The people are this country, and they are being screwed right now by our industries and our “government.”

By John Bassett McCleary, Author of The Hippie Dictionary
Excerpt from his next book, Common Sense Again

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Cindy Krueger

February 27,2018 4:57:pm

Hello John & Joan,

Pleasure to meet you both in San Jose; maybe our paths will cross again.




Thank you, nice meeting you!

~ Peace, John