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January 12, 2021

It is time to make a monumental effort to educate the 72 million people who voted for Trump

It is time to make a monumental effort to educate the 72 million people who voted for Trump and inform them of the definitions and true importance of our Constitution, democracy and rules of law. What these people don’t realize is that without the policies and laws that our Founding Fathers instituted these 72 million people would not be able to practice their chosen religion, would not have a voice in their own future, would not be able to speak out, peacefully and safely about their needs and concerns.   Blindness to the fairness of our established democracy is as dangerous to White, Christian, people as it is to the millions of Black, Asian, Hispanic, Moslem, Buddhist, Mormon, Socialist, gay, poor and etcetera people including many of their family members and friends. Christian, White supremacists would be persecuted just like everybody else if people like dictator Trump got what they want. If you 72 million people don’t realize that as a minority in a Democracy, you are still covered by the protection of a democracy, yet you are expected to conduct yourself as a true patriot to the democracy that gives you all the freedoms given you by this country. If you do not follow the rules of democratic majority chosen law, then you have no right to call yourself an American patriot. Like it or not, you are wrong and need to rethink your mistake. A true patriot and an intelligent person would admit fault and change to become a thinking human being. Man up, Woman up, rejoin the patriotic, democratic, intelligent human race.

You can blame Rupert Murdock and FOX fake news for inflicting Donald J. Trump on our democracy and then helping to insight insurrection causing death and destruction upon the American people.

Elected Republican prostitutes are now tap dancing around to save their reputation by bailing from the Trump administration at the last moment. We won’t forget their tyranny. They should be banned from being representatives of the American public.

I suggest that Republican representatives who are ashamed of their party’s un-American activity change their parties mid-term. Then we can be a democratic country again