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June 27, 2023

My thought: If I could rewrite history I would tell the painful truth.


If I could rewrite history I would tell the painful truth, and then maybe the future population of the world could be appalled at our mistakes and then start to live happily ever after. ­­

How does an aging hippie change a light bulb? Levitation and illumination.

I don’t believe in fantasies, mysticism, ghosts, or religion. I don’t celebrate science fiction until it becomes science fact, in a physical moving and functioning reality. I am not involved in or deeply interested in these things except as interesting stories. I don't believe or actively follow any conspiracy until facts make it a human reality.

I am confidant and assured that what I say is true, correct, proper and undeniable…except in the minds of the liars, robbers and killers of the world! All those capitalists, religious fanatics, and dictators are only in it for themselves, but they are a small minority who should be ignored, laughed at or fired from their jobs. 

From my experiences I have a great respect for humankind. Ignorance is our only fault.

My realities have been fantasies to most people.

You have to make a decision. At some time in your life you are going to ask yourself, “Am I going toward the good or the bad?”

From now on I am going to pretend that I have control over my life and the world around me. And maybe then I can make it happen, and have some success in helping to save the world.

The universe is in our imagination; therefore, we can make it what we want… a good place or a bad place. My job is to try to portray this world as a good place that each and all of us should want to love, protect and invest in, not just to use and abuse. Keep your house and world clean and pure so that it will feed and nourish you. Good is better than bad, so go there.

Young man, I am not trying to compete with you; I am trying to help you to be able to compete with tomorrow.  If you are fortunate to do something I haven’t already done, be proud, but don’t rub it in the face of your children or the next generation, because they will disrespect you, just as you are dissing me right now. Young people, I hate to hurt your feelings, but you are not standing on solid ground, just as my generation was not… You must stop doing a balancing act, and find a footing. Most youth cultures are built on shuck and jive.

Moderation is for wusses; common sense is for the leaders of humankind.

It is not a good time to be a blond-or brown-haired gringo in America right now. We are trying to make reparations for what we did to other races. Which I am all for, but I think it is a little overdone and could become destructive rather than helpful.

So many of you young folks care for no one but yourself, and so you are going to live a rough life with much self-doubt later in your life.