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January 20, 2018

One Vote Each, Dismantle Representational Government

One Vote Each
Disband this Representational form of government, and then everyone gets a vote on every decision that affects their lives.
This Op-Ed is to propose that America consider phasing out our representative form of government! I know that other people and organizations are lobbying for this, but I have not researched or studied them on the grounds that I may have new ideas on the subject.
Dissolving Congress may be the only way to save democracy, this country and this world. When elected or appointed representatives of a democracy turn into agents of an economic or political dictatorship, those representatives must be reprimanded, and if they do not return to democracy, they must be removed from power by democratic forces. The Vote. It must be a democratic rejection, lest we act in the same immoral way that they do. Vote with an informed finger. Vote with a mind that takes into consideration the rights of other people.
Our Founding Fathers chose a Democracy for the United States because it encourages the public by giving them control of their own destiny. All other forms of government are dictatorial or autocratic, and they eventually ferment revolution and social and economic upheaval.
In 1776, our Democratic government had to be representational, because they couldn’t get all 2.5 Million People into one room. Never mind the time lapses and travel inconvenience.
The difference between a “government” and a totalitarian dictatorship is that a dictatorship deals with dissent. A “true government” listens to its people.
The one thing that makes us human beings is our society. If we do not fit in or add something to society, then we are outcasts, and if we are outcasts, then we fail as human beings. And our society suffers from our loss!
Is mankind capable of governing itself? Jefferson questioned this, but he had faith and hope.
Thomas Paine wrote:
“But as it is more than probable that we shall never be without a CONGRESS, every well wisher to good order, must own, that the mode for choosing members of that body, deserves consideration. And I put it as a question to those, who make a study of mankind, whether representation and election is not too great a power for one and the same body of men to possess?”
“Those who will not allow peaceful revolution are making violent revolution inevitable.” John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Governments are not really our society; they are just representatives of society. People are our society, and people are the Country.
As our founding fathers, it is possible to be a revolutionary and still be a valuable member of society. But if you believe in Democracy and demand freedom for yourself, then you must give it to others or you are a lie. It is possible to be Patriotic without being a fanatic. I love my Country, but I can still be critical of my Government. “If the government does not add to the welfare of society, then it should be changed,” as Jefferson wrote.

One of the most important things that we must improve in our Democratic Republic is public confidence, public involvement. Representative Democracy, which we first established in 1776, was a step forward, and it was logistically necessary under the circumstances.
We settled on trusting elected representatives to express our will and choose our direction accordingly. Well, sometimes it works and sometimes it fails.
What with campaign contributions and paid lobbyists, the system has become more like a Capitalistic republic. Our system now is of the Money, for the Money and by the Money.
To get back to a pure Democratic Republic, we must reform our electoral process.
If this country is to remain a Democracy, we must pass strict election reforms. First, valid political parties must be restricted to the same budgets. An independent panel of Intellectuals can easily determine how that money is collected and dispersed. No Conservatives with connections to the business community should apply.
If we can’t get these democratically driven laws passed by our Representatives, maybe they need to be fired, and we will do all the deciding ourselves. One Vote Each.
There will be a time shortly where we can look into an eye recognition sensor and say “One Hundred Dollars,” and the money will come out of the dispenser! The bank will know your balance, and you cannot overdraw. Most importantly for you and them is that the recognition will be flawless! There is no reason this system cannot be used to vote on those things that concern our lives and the lives of our children’s children.