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January 01, 2021

Politics crossing over boundaries, Religion crossing over boundaries, Corporations crossing over boundaries

Is it possible that mankind can live with the rest of the world?

Republicans, you have been dangerously wrong about one person (someone of grave danger, of misguidance). I know that your type does not like to be wrong because you think it demeans you! But when you are wrong and don’t admit it, then that demeans you ten times more. Step up, join patriotic Americans in their support of the original idea for this democracy for all.

12-9-2020 Freedom and democracy are at a crossroads in this world today. The selfish people are winning slowly but surely. They have better weapons for deceit and dominance. We liberals are at a disadvantage because we are not willing to lie, cheat and steal to get what we want, which is peace, freedom and civility.

The media is creating a lot of bad people, or maybe just confused people. Poor “entertainment” programing, for the sake of selling advertising and thus schlepping irrelevant products; lots of violence, no moral directions, ambiguous stability of what is right and what is wrong.


Politics crossing over boundaries

Religion crossing over boundaries

Corporations crossing over boundaries

Advertising crossing over boundaries

Breaking the rules of truth, what is real and what is proper

And it all comes down to money, media and ego

I wish I could, or someone could, wave a wand, and all of the real human beings would stop being gullible and all capitalists would stop lying to us

Dudley Griffin, 2020



       Watch the right movies, folks; read the right books folks; if you can’t read so well, watch the right movies, listen to the people your families have told you not to listen to. We humans must advance intellectually, or our children will not be able to live on this planet.


       Getting away from the problem is not the answer to solving it any more; there are no places remote enough to be untroubled. We here in America are the last chance, here at the last frontier, to change the greed, bigotry and violence that have pervaded the world for centuries. If you are greedy, bigoted, or violent, then you are part of the problem. The Golden Rule, look in a mirror and visualize yourself as Black, or Muslim, or gay or a woman or a handicapped person.


       If someone had given me 40 million dollars instead of Trump, this would be a nicer, friendlier place.


The worst US presidents of the last sixty years are.







       When you promote the economy above the workers, Wall Street over investors and capitalism as opposed to free enterprise, you are just giving money to the rich and forcing servitude upon the working class, and a crushing indebtedness upon the middle class.