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January 22, 2021

Republicans, if you do not vote to convict Trump, you will be as bad as he is in history.

Republicans, if you do not vote to convict Trump, you will be as bad as he is in history.

Trickle-Down Republicans, it is not your money although you want it and would like to continue controlling its flow. As I have said many times before, give a dollar to a poor or middle class person, and all of it goes right back into the economy. Give a dollar to a rich person and a quarter or more of it disappears into off shore accounts. Trickle-Up works for the majority of people in this democracy. These people on the back streets, small towns and farms of America have worked long and hard to make you capitalists rich. Pay your proper taxes and get a little bit less in your bottom line, be patriots, not robbers of the American Dream. Tell your Republican SOB representatives to agree to a stimulus package that will really make America great again.

I hate to say this, but I want to thank the mob of terrorists and insurrectionists who stupidly invaded the Capitol. They have made it easier for us writers to explain what a traitor is, what a fake patriot is, what ignorance and a low IQ does to disrupt society. I hate to say it because I would rather that no one in a democracy was that stupid, disrespectful and disruptive to the point where normal people have to worry and defend themselves from such miscreants.

Liberals don’t get money being left-wing. Conservatives make lots of money by being right-wing. Who do you think cares about the poor and middle class of America? Who do you want to be in the “Government of the People”? Vote out the Republicans, or ask them to start caring for “The People”! Republican politicians, get with it, change your political affiliation, or go back home with your dignity and morality destroyed!

Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Nicole Malliotakis, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and Ellse Stefanik, are tractors to democracy and Constitutional patriotism. Republican representatives, we liberals have the power of the word and truth. We will not let the public forget your status of traitors.


Get rid of whiney Civil War losers. That war was trumped up for Southern capitalist gains. And the same people are teaching their children the same bigotry, all of which is not good for The South, America or the world.

Most of the Republicans are either the supporters of, or are, themselves, the feudal lords, robber barons, capitalist pigs and exploiters of the middle class and poor. They are actually the owners of wage slaves. Vote the Republicans out and make the “American Dream” great again. ***I am willing to allow them to keep their money and actually give them a “cost of extravagance” increase each year. But they must stop pushing inferior and unnecessary products on the public and stop using their power to enslave the majority of the working class. Leave us alone so we can have a reasonable level of freedom, comfort and happiness. You pucking, puckface, puckers. How do you live with yourselves without falling on your swords? ***I have written about all of this in my new book, Common Sense And Reason Again. Look it up.

Many of you want-to-be capitalists and supporters of the conservative cause are judging us liberal, free-enterprise socialists by your own needs, wants and insecurities. You don’t understand that the lines are very different; we don’t want or need to run or own the world the way capitalists do.

I can’t imagine how embarrassing it is to be a Republican right now. “Hey John, do they have those kinds of emotions?” Mr. California