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January 20, 2018

Reverse Revolution

The Reverse Revolution of America and Devolution of Humankind Are in Progress Today.


The present U.S. Congressional majority and the White House say that they are Patriots, yet they are diametrically opposed to our Constitution and the Democratic Ideals of our Founding Fathers.

They are taking us back to Dictatorships and the Feudal System, which most of our forefathers were trying to escape by immigrating to America.

The love affair that some of us “normal people” have for the “rich and powerful” must end or the wealthy will bury us all beneath their greed!

Taxes are good, if they are paid proportionately to income. They pay for our social services: education, fire, police, help for poor, medical for the young, poor and aged, roads, libraries and on and on. But they were intended to be paid as a church tithe, each in the amount one has. This is what Franklin and his associates intended.

Ronald Reagan is the one who invented the Trickle-Down, fantasizing that the rich would pay their rightful share and then use the money they saved to hire the “normal” people, so that the workers would get their fair share. Duh! How has that worked out?

How many rich people do you know, whom you can trust to be fair and equitable and pull others up? Don’t be deluded; there are only a certain number of stalls in the executive bathroom.

Actually, what most misguided poor people like about the rich is that they are bloodthirsty. It is an ego-driven affection for Power and a desire to be a Capitalist, like the rich.

Taxes are important for a viable Democratic society, but it is how the taxes are spent, who they come from and who they go, to that is important. If they come mostly from those who don’t have much, and if they are used for war or to give to the rich, and reduce the taxes for the rich, then taxes are a form of theft by the wealthy and are immoral.

If you vote for a Republican, you will get what you deserve–an economically repressive society. Conservatives and religious fundamentalists are trying to control the population for their own economic benefit and to fit in their own superstitious sensibilities.

If you give a dollar to a poor person, it all goes back into circulation for necessities, and most of that stays in the local economy. Money given to the poor or middle class trickles up, so that everyone has the use of it.

If you give a dollar to a wealthy person, much of it goes into untouchable “savings,” most of it goes discretionary extravagances, and most of that goes to foreign products! Forget about it trickling down–only the rich touch it.

The circle of taxes and benefits is always in favor of the wealthy.

A bridge is built for someone who owns land on the other side of the river, or someone who has a construction company to build it. Later, the government official who pushed the bridge construction gets donations! Tax money to build the bridge comes primarily from the workingman through his taxes. Some workingmen will benefit by employment on the bridge. But today, the wage increases have not kept up with the cost of living. And, in today’s greedy society, the cost of the bridge is far more expensive than its present value or its arbitrary projected life.

Who in this scenario always gets screwed? The majority–the workingman!

And the key word is Majority! In a Democracy, we should be able to get rid of these bloodsuckers, but as happened with the last two Republican presidencies, they won by a minority! Do to gerrymandering…an arbitrary moving of voters’ poling places. Oh yes, and other voting shenanigans as well!

Money is a weapon used by the rich. Keeping other people poor has always been the way that the wealthy control the world. If we want a Democratic and humanitarian society, we must create a world free from economic worries.

Are you familiar with the way money is handled in the age of Star Trek? Gene Rodenberry created a society without money, and thus without the economic conflict and all its attending problems, such as, war, Capitalism and litigation.

For those of you who don’t understand what I have just written, please, for the benefit of this world and its people, get a dictionary and study it!

I am a Liberal, and I search for the truth and speak the truth even if it is not to my benefit.