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January 20, 2018

Sin City, Washington, DC

Sex Scandal In Sin City, Washington, DC

God, Or Whoever You Are Up There, Please Shine Down And Give Humankind Some Wisdom And Common Sense!

The Republican’s started this sex scandal epidemic in order to take the pressure off of Trump’s molestations. These allegations were first heard by the public through non-partisan media when Trump, himself, said it live while getting out of a “Winnebago”! He has been calling it “Fake News” ever since! Believe me, whatever he says really is fake news! Remember, Clinton was not impeached for acts of sex, but for lying about them.

Conservatives originally started it all up as a political tool when they began pressing investigations of President Bill Clinton’s dalliances. It is not as if Republican Presidents hadn’t had their flings, to name one, Ike Eisenhower. But before Clinton, the different political factions and the media were more tasteful, and possibly more respectful than today.

Sex is a fact of life. We all do it on some level! Lust is complicated, but to be moral, sex should be unto others, as you would have sex unto yourself!

The Republicans have upped the sleaze factor with these new stories of consensual dalliances and propositions by every Democrat or Liberal they could think of. The Republican Party is soon to change their name to The Capitalist and Sex Scandal Party!

None of what I am saying is meant to be apologetic or to condone any of these actions, but it points out that there is a new sleaze factor being used as a partisan weapon. And let us discuss the severity of the sexual offenses.

No one should be excused for being immoral, but there are some differences of definition and levels of sensibility.

Sexual Severity List

Marital Sex: acceptable

Consensual infidelity: frowned upon, but not a punishable offense


Unwanted sexually suggestive commentary

Unwanted touching



Elected public figures should hold themselves to higher standards, and not just because of the more intense scrutiny, but also in their positions as supposed examples of American moral and political respectability.

I am very sympathetic to the position of a woman who has been victimized, yet any woman who will lie about or embellish upon an incident for political, ego or economic reasons offends me. Accusing men of sexual misconduct can be a life killer and a personal stain that they may never survive. False witness is moral and criminal act.

I realize that all the Conservative talking heads are using many of the same words as I use to describe liberal actions. However, I believe and know that our liberal message is more often based on truth and facts because I also know that the liberal ideal is to find and say the truth, even sometimes to our disadvantage. The idea of trashing someone with lies is abhorrent to most liberals. We take the high road at all times, when we know what is right, or we will not speak. If you don’t believe this, I will debate and prove it historically.

Hypocrisy is a part of the Conservative plan.

I actually believe that mankind invented religion to give “himself” an absolution for bad behavior! All religions have a built-in forgiveness for sin and immorality. I, for one, don’t have that, so I live and act morally.

Fundamentalist Christians even say they can make a woman a virgin again! Have you ever heard anything as stupid as that?

Just because the current president of the USA says or does something doesn’t mean it is right or moral. Learn the laws and morality, and we will all live happily ever after. If you can’t do this yourself, at least teach your children well! Do this for the sake of the next generations.