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September 23, 2020

Sweet American Corruption

Sweet American Corruption

The present administration’s management style is to deceive and confuse the public. The president is also amassing a large list of government functionaries and lawyers whom he has deceived and confused as well. How did our sweet American ever deserve this corruption?


American To Be Violent?

It is not violent to protect your rights and family honor, as long as you are honorable and allow the same rights to others.

It is not American to hate someone because you do not understand them or their color or religion

It is cowardly to hate from afar, look in someone’s eyes first to see if you hate them.

Insecurity is dangerous to your emotions, but arrogance is more dangerous to your soul                                   

It is not bad taste to tell the truth even if it reveals your own faults

Respect is the best emotion to give and receive. Hatred is the worst emotion to give or receive. Some weak men think hatred is patriotic, but it is more damaging to the hater than to the hated. Don’t expend hatred on others who could at another place and time be a friend, and someone you could love and respect.

War is not something to be proud of. It is something to be ashamed of as it reveals our mistakes of judgment, weakness and lack of diplomacy. More innocent civilians die in wars than innocent brave solders. The guilty rich make more money on the innocence and ignorance of us.