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February 06, 2021

The Democrats are talking sense; the Republicans are talking gibberish.

Greene is gone! Congratulations, you Republicans who realize that the present Republican Party is out of time and out of place. Become true constitutional patriots to democracy, or go down in the deepest infamy. So you want to be an Attila, an Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, or Hitler. We don’t have time or space for people like that anymore. Become humanist if you can stop for a moment from looking at your bottom line.

There are many other writers and bloggers who think and write as I do! Let’s start a liberal common sense "cabal" of cynics who think the world needs to become real. Get back to me.

Now we have advertisers using Forrest Gump voices. Have you noticed that the TV ads are pushed so close together that you don’t know whether Liberty Mutual is also selling feminine hygiene products?

It is pretty bleak out there right now. We have a lot of undereducated people being directed by a group of diabolical, capitalist pigs. The pigs want money and power; the undereducated want to get rid of their insecurity, and maybe have a good job. (Or be able to sit at home and drink beer, watch sports and complain about the Black man and Jews.

The Democrats are talking sense; the Republicans are talking gibberish.

There are some people who, because of their egos, just want to see their names in lights. “Trmp, Mcconnal, Micarthy, Pual, Crzue, Grean”, they don’t care if they take down this country as long as we spell their names “right”. Republicans have marginalized themselves. We can’t show them facts. They ignore them, and their insecurities and conservative mentality will never admit that they are wrong. This is contrary to the visions of our founding fathers. What bothers me is it shows that some “Old forks” are not “with it” anymore.

How did some of these Republicans become representatives of thousands of American citizens? When you are elected in a Republic, you are supposed to “represent” your constituents. You must vote for the majority of your constituents. Many Republicans are loose cannons, ignoring the will of the people. Don’t you recognize that Trump and almost all of his actions are not approved by the majority of the people of this country? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Republicans, you are un-American, acting for the benefit of a minority of wealthy people. Treason comes to mind! You might as well move to Russia. Remember during the 1960s and 70s when conservatives told us patriotic hippies to go to Russia? Well, in Russia they were sending liberals to gulags and mental institutions. I know this for a fact.

No bar or restaurant should ever be closed, nor church, or school unless it is for the protection of the people. Whether it be for a pandemic or for political purposes, freedom is important unless it is a killer of ideas or of people. Differences of opinion are what have made humankind strong, and yet only if we can agree that together we are better than apart, will we be able to survive.

McConnell, with your host of amendments, your greedy, self-promoting, Republican ego will always drive you guys to block the Democrats from helping the majority of people of America. Do you want to be called the anti-Christ? No, you are not valuable enough for that! You will be called the anti-people guys.

Before COVID, I often changed my clothes four or five times a day. A job here, a luncheon there, an afternoon trek, a dinner engagement, an evening art opening, a night of dancing and music. Today, I change my clothing twice a day. In the morning I put my sweats on, and at night I take my sweats off.

We have sexual predators, and we have economic predators. They are equal in their destruction of our society.

The 1% or 5%, maybe, of people who are the wealthy and egotistical, have the money and they willing to bribe you. You might be tempted, because you might want to have power and money, but these Capitalist pigs do not reach down and pull others up. They protect their exclusivity. There are only a limited number of stalls in the executive bathroom. If you are ever asked by one of these people to do something for, money or power, that you know in your heart is immoral or illegal, just say no. Then go to the new governmental agency called Arbiters of Morality and Good Sense, and tell on these dangerous people. Maybe then we will be able to stop their destructive, deadly, illegal and immoral control of this otherwise beautiful world.