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February 09, 2021

The government needs to protect us normal people from capitalism.

If you don’t hurt other people with your greed, I don’t care how much money you make, but if you are a robber, stealer or killer just to get more money in your account or for power to show off, I am after you. I am coming with my words, and words can fly further and faster than a bullet.

One of the reasons some people don’t want to wear masks is that they are too wrapped up in their individuality. They want everyone to know who they are, even if they are unlovely, and especially if they are insecure and self-important. Music clef Trum, T Trum, Trum.., Trum, T Trum, Trum, Trump. Beat the drum of disappointment, insecurity and rebellion, but wear a mask for other people.  

Everybody has problems. I have problems; I just don’t blame them on others. I take responsibility for my own choices and mistakes.

1-26-2021 When the only thing worth watching on TV, with 109 channels available, is M*A*S*H 1980 and Star Trek 1990, then our society needs a reboot.

The government needs to protect us normal people from capitalism. The First World War deficit spending protected us form a foreign power, the New Deal 1930s saved us from the depression, caused by the Capitalists, bankers, and the Stock market barons. Who benefits most by inflation or recession for that matter? In the long run, the rich do! The free market economy is a two-edged sword, with one edge having a sharp, serrated edge, which cuts too deeply into the majority of people.

If we all don’t get together to fill the leaks of this sinking ship, we will all go down apart, but drown together.