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January 20, 2021

The Republicans, shucking and jiving, tap-dancing around morality and the laws on Fox.


The capitalist, Republican, conservatives are our enemies and their own enemies as well. We have to beat these traitors, because they are traitors, not just to America but also to mankind. They may plead a cause, but it is not for people and life on this earth. It is for their own selfishness for the duration of their lives only. They don’t care about your children, and not even for their own children, or children’s children. We don’t want to kill them; that is their way and their form of defense. We must convince them of their errors. We must talk them into compromise, so that everyone can live happily ever after, not just their own powerful friends and their spoiled children.

The Republicans, shucking and jiving, tap-dancing around morality and the laws on Fox.

Some Republicans are voicing “orchestration” of this 2021 inaugural. As if the Republicans never orchestrate! But the Reps often do it with lies, promises and advertising that they never intend to prove, accomplish or provide.

As a writer, I have been greatly challenged in the last five years. In 2016, I was forced to say that I could never have written a scenario as horrible as what happened when Trump was elected. Now, January 21, 2021, I must say that I could never have written a scenario as wonderful and idealistic as the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

As a Democrat, I have never been embarrassed by the Democrats! How can the Republican voters and representatives live with themselves when they have given us Reagan, Nixon, Bush and Trump?  

It is now time for the real Americans to take back the American flag from the traitors who use it to break the windows of the Capitol and assault the protectors of democracy.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, with your bleached, spiked hair trying to convince people that you are “with it” in this world. You are just a throwback cracker that can’t stop fighting the Civil War, one of the worst tragedies in the history of our country that was perpetrated by wealthy plantation owners to keep slaves to pad their bottom line and send the poor working class off to die for the Southern aristocracy. Asshole, a government of the people, a democratic government, a good government protects all its people, not just its rich.

Trump, there are some people who do not deserve to live freely within polite society, and you are one of them. You have never done anything for anyone else; your selfishness is historic. The world will be better off with you in an orange jumpsuit and a straight jacket, in the junk heap of history. We don’t need a devil; we have humans doing his work. I won’t call you the anti-Christ, because you are not even in the historic universe with that name.

My family tree of Bassett goes back as far as the Fortune, the second boat to land at Plymouth, one year after the Mayflower. I am not saying that because I believe I am a better American than anyone else who has adopted this country, but I am saying this to anyone who has come after that and wants to exclude other races, religions or colors. We have no right to exclude anyone from the United States of America, even the Trumps who came in through the back door.