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April 26, 2022

The republicans survive by lying.

The republicans survive by lying. In business in the USA today you have to lie cheat and steal to stay in business, because if you play by the moral rules to not kill, steal or bear false witness (lie) you will be pushed out by someone who is willing to lie, cheat, steal and maybe even kill.

I was one of those guys who were awakened by Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, The Dead, Joni Mitchell, 10 of the best; we were given suggestions to build a new kind of life, and ideas of how to do it. We were not ordered or tricked or trapped into being the peace and love generation. We were shown from numerous sources how wonderful cooperation among human beings would make this world. Bigotry, arrogance and greed are what is holding back the triumph of humanity. If you know someone who is bigoted, arrogant or greedy, tell them they are an asshole if they don’t change their ways.  

There are so many different levels of ego. There is self-preservation of course, and the drive to find enough food to eat, and protect your family, or being proud of the house you built or the picture you painted. But there is a sub-class of people whose cancerous ego tells them that they need whatever you have and more money-power and will sell their family members for what they want.

Nixon, Reagan, Bush’s and Trump’s administrations did nothing for the people; they supported and stimulated the capitalists, not the people. So which is the good social, cultural and human presidential administrations? The Democrats are the peoples friends, of course. If you can’t see who are the good people, then you are either brainwashed by the conservatives or you are stupid. Vote for people who believe in free enterprise and social programs.

War does not create peace. It only brings a victory or a defeat. Only rational people using diplomacy and peaceful negotiations can make peace. Only intelligent people can negotiate a good life, for all of us. The dumb ones go to war.