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April 07, 2021

The TV media is creating more and more crap that they think the public wants, yet not what the public really needs.

The TV media is getting worse with every sweep. They are creating more and more crap that they think the public wants, yet probably not what the public really needs. First, most networks don’t realize that their viewers are not all between the ages of twelve and twenty-eight, and they don’t take into consideration the different intelligence levels. Talking down to someone or telling him or her something they already know is degrading or annoying, whereas challenging one’s intellect or teaching them facts, is a gift that they can use forever. TV programming today is mostly stuff that is remakes of old programs or overly violent and over-produced thrillers, unrealistic sci fi, and walking dead terror. Then there is Reality TV that only degrades the people shown and gives the audience misinformation and strange ideas. No new facts or useable emotions are to be learned there, and no good prose or poetry is spoken. Throughout history, until twenty-first century TV, entertainment has always been used to expand people’s imagination, and their ability to create new things. Nowadays the underlined reason for TV entertainment is to making money for the network or its advertisers. TV producers are programming shows that they think will attract the most gullible buyers for their advertisers products. Their advertisers don’t seem to care about the content of the shows they sponsor, but they are keeping a close eye on their stock market numbers. This whole process is not only dumbing down the public, but, with this trend toward numerous pci fi, terror and walking dead programming, soon people will forget what is actually true, and that will be very bad for humankind.