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January 12, 2021

Why are they letting these terrorists out on bail?

Why are they letting these terrorists out on bail?

Has anybody considered that this might have been partly supported, paid for or incited by a foreign country? Russia and North Korea come to mind, and someone in our government might have requested this. DJT comes up. But then a fascist would be more appropriate to the economics. But are there any fascist governments in the world? Maybe the new Israel. Most of the terrorists in the Capitol insurgency were calling people commies. The only large group of fascists or “Nazis” are in big business or Wall St. and on our TVs selling things we don’t need.

The mob, the president and many Republican representatives have violated the Golden Rule, The Ten Commandments, U.S. Constitution and democracy. Can they live with this; should they be able to live without censure or prosecution for this?

I’m considering suggesting a new law against committing stupidity. And there should be legal consequences.

Trumps supporters are terrorists, and terrorists never have as much power as they think they do. They gain self-proclaimed power and feed their egos by threatening people. It is documented that more terrorists die and more of their family members and friends suffer from their threats than they ever inflict upon others. It is a fool’s occupation to threaten a democracy when, if they joined into the discourse by voting and proclaiming peacefully what their differences are, they could actually help create positive change. Also, I know that Trump would never help them even if he could. He is just using them, whereas the liberals, democrats and socialists they are rebelling against would help them more than Trumps Capitalist supporters ever would.