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June 17, 2023

Winning can be a mixed blessing if you can’t handle the pressure of winning or losing

I am not sure whether the stupid people were created by religion or that religion was created by the stupid people!?

Winning can be a mixed blessing if you can’t handle the pressure of winning or losing. To be a good loser is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding of all human traits. But don’t ever get disillusioned. Dreams and expectations are what make humans the strongest of all creatures. I am a stupid optimist, but I am, at least, a dreamer.

My religion is a compilation of all the religions that have been on this earth.

I think at this point I am on speaking terms with god. I do not pray to god, I question IT.  I am on debating terms with god.

God! Give me patience, and then take away what makes me impatient.

Everybody, every creature and every plant life wants to live a perfect life. Well, if they want that, they must help everybody else and every other living thing to have a good life.

Guys, men, boys, you’ve got to know when it is time to react, when it is time to sit back, and when to talk or to shut up. It is a rap opera out there. We are not talking about death on the streets, or success between the sheets. It is communication with recognition that we should achieve. Your shoes, my shoes, thing.

A good friend is not one who always says, “yes sir”, but who will also says “no sir.”

I don’t propose that everybody become a hippie. I want people to feel the hippie spirit. You don’t need to smoke dope, quit your job or your family. I want you to feel the freedom that will make you enjoy and advance your life, whatever it is. You only have to be helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient to common sense, thrifty (rejecting materialism) and reverent to live the golden rule in the Garden of Eden here on earth.