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January 12, 2021

Capitol building, January 6, 2021

Republican representatives, are clearly not representing the majority. Get with the democracy. Change your party affiliation to Democrat. Help save this world.

Capitol building, January 6, 2021 Who are the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol building? Who supports them, aside from Trump and his Trumpublicans? Who supported them? The greedy capitalists, the frustrated Religious fanatics, the self-defeated white supremacists? Where did the ideas for this desecration come from? Where does the money come from to support this tyranny? FTM, follow the money. Are they being supported from overseas countries or corporate interests? These are the most important questions. Then and only then can we talk them out of this foolishness or find a way that both us can be happy? Diplomacy and democracy are the supreme answers to mankind’s problems!

White nationalists, you are either not very observant or you don’t want to observe.

You have been watching the wrong TV and movies; there is a lot of good in this world that doesn’t need the use of violence, force and rebellion. The founding fathers tried to create a country that didn’t need these negatives. The Civil War was the first indication that there were people who couldn’t live with peace, freedom and tranquility. Slavery was our first mistake; religious bigotry and capitalist greed were co-conspirators to keep this country from being perfect. Now we must reprimand and reeducate, and help the lost people to find the Garden of Eden again.